13/09/21 - Making Sense of Cha Chaan Teng: my ode to HK cafes on SBS Food

25/08/21 - HK Milk Tea: how to make your own!

02/02/21 - Tale of Two Counties: Zhenghe vs Fuding White Peony

25/11/20 - The Best Tea - my views published by SBS Food

16/10/20 - Iced tea concentrates to keep you cool all summer long 

24/09/20 - Boon X CARTILAGE bundle: Boon burger, Thai fried egg, pork + celery stir fry and a bonus flourless matcha cookie 

11/09/20 - Lee Ho Fook giveaway: 4x vouchers worth $250 each with the next four purchases of Victor Lion Cheong Fun Bundle 

10/09/20 - Hojiak X CARTILAGE bundle: braised pork, cola wings and Assam fish

03/09/20 - Karavan: our signature blend 

01/09/20 - Jilat Jilat X CARTILAGE bundlesambal eggplant + prawns, beef rendang pies and Penang noodz

20/08/20 - Golden Century X CARTILAGE bundle: yang cheow fried rice, salt + pepper squid and Mongolian lamb 

18/08/20 - Sophia Thach Kuy Teav Bundle: AKA Phnom Penh noodle soup 

13/08/20 - Sang X CARTILAGE bundleKorean pancakes, classic bulgogi, wrap platters and ready to eat kimchi 

11/08/20 - New oolongs: Wuyi Lao Cong Shui Xian, Phoenix: Honey Orchid & Duck "Poo"