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For the longest time I didn’t want to do an About Us page. I struggled with not making it self-aggrandising. And after hangin’ around for a good 16 years, I figured we’re deep into IYKYK territory anyway.

But as it turns out there’s a place for this kind of narrative. A barista from a new cafe hit me up one weekend saying he wanted to add something on their menu about having us as their tea supplier but  "...couldn’t really find anything on the website.”

Then it dawned on me that whilst I’m grateful to have numerous clients that’ve known us for years or most have come via trusty referrals needing no further credentials, I still got to look out for those who are new or have stumbled upon us with minimal context.


So here we go, About Tea Craft eh?

In 2007, when block colours and bold fonts on tea packaging reigned supreme, Tjok and I thought, let’s do something different. How about we don’t add flavouring to tea. How about we source teas direct from their countries of origin. How about teaching hospo to brew loose leaf efficiently so they don’t compromise on quality of either material or service?

Underpinning all the above though was to me, the most vital thing about Tea Craft. That is, the way in which we go about our business or our craft. I wanted above all, to be dependable. I want you to know there’s always local humans behind all this, because there is. I want you to know we’re on the other end should you ever have a question or a problem to raise. Fronting up, not hiding - real small business style.

So our faces remain on the packaging for a reason.

Give it to me in a soundbite

We’re tea naturalists, sourcing, blending and teaching tea with respect to the natural conditions of key origins and the nature of where and how the tea is used. Minimal intervention, maximum taste and purpose.

What's changed?

Serving the hospitality industry will remain our focus but in recent years we've also made it more accessible for people to use our tea from home. Smaller sizing and gift-ready packaging has now been made for that purpose. 

The team has also changed over the years, and by now, we've almost come full-circle. There's some assumed knowledge here but the basic backstory (if you care to learn more there are details in our old blog and Instagram posts) is that co-founder Tjok left two years after we started to pursue his calling as a homeopath in his native home of Bali. He of course remains in spirit. But during those early years, wifey Lynn was always helping us and since the recent labour shortage brought about by the pandemic, she's back with me full-time. So now it's primarily a mom-n-pop tea shop with a small team of trusty casual staff.

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