Phoenix - "Duck Poo" (Ya Shi Xiang Dancong)

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鸭屎香单枞 (Ya Shi Xiang Dancong)


Wu Dong Collective, Feng Huang Shan, 
Chao'an Guangdong, China

Legend has it that the original farmer assigned this distasteful name to his tea to deter others from taking it.

So on the contrary, this tea is one of the most fragrant amongst all Phoenix Oolongs. It is strong on both floral and fruit; orchids and peaches forms the dominating bouquet. On the palate, the stone fruit sweetness is long lasting, ideal for a sit-down over many steeps. Highly recommended to be served over short, fast, multiple steeps only.

Pro tip: After extraction, let the tea rest for a minute before tasting or smelling. It makes a big difference in the layers of flavours and aromas experienced.

Dry leaves: long, wiry twisted light brown leaves, earth green with golden tinges
Liquor: light tangerine colour
Taste: orchids, hops, mango, peaches, cream
Process: withered, medium oxidisation, twisted and baked


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