Sugar and Spice

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Ingredients: jujube, longan, rock sugar, ginger, cinnamon, chicory, nutmeg

If Shennong, the Divine One, the Tea Deity himself was asked to create a Christmas concoction what would he do? So we sparked up some incense, sat cross legged and summoned the great one. Through the haze a gold dragon appeared.

It said, “Use that which you know to express that which you do not.”

Thus, Sugar and Spice was born. Chinese dried fruit and spices blended to create a Yuletide mug - think Christmas pudding and mulled wine. An ideal dessert drink for the season.


Without milk:

1. Steep 1tbs in 300ml water off the boil for 30 secs.

2. Strain and add 1tsp honey (serving suggestion)

With milk:

1. Steep 1tbs in 150ml water off the boil for 1:30

2. Add 150ml steamed milk, steep for further 1:00

3. Strain and add 1tsp honey (serving suggestion)

Can also be made into an iced tea for an Aussie Christmas - make in large batches following the above ratios, skipping "With Milk" step 2 and simply add cold milk when serving. Allow to cool to room temp and chill.