Phoenix - Honey Orchid (Mi Lan Xiang Dancong)

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蜜兰香单枞 (Mi Lan Xiang Dancong)

Guandong Tea Farm & Production, Fen Huang Shan, 
Chao'an County, Guangdong, China

This tea is a direct descendant of the original Guangdong "single trunk" (dan cong) oolong subvarietal noted for its sweet fruit and floral aromas. Allowing it to cool after a fast gongfu steep, first, the honeydew notes will be more apparent. The palate is then filled with a refreshing mint-like cool followed by a coating of cinnamon afters that linger. A dessert degustation in one brew.

Highly recommended to be served over short, fast, multiple steeps.

Pro tip: After extraction, let the tea rest for a minute before tasting or smelling. It makes a big difference in the layers of flavours and aromas experienced.

Dry leaves: long, wiry twisted light brown leaves with golden tinges
Liquor: light tangerine colour 
Taste: honey dew, rock melon, honey, mild cinnamon.
Process: withered, medium oxidisation, twisted and baked


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