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Ingredients: rose, green tea, peppermint, bergamot, orange, black tea

Origin: China, Egypt, Italy, Sri Lanka

Tea Craft’s signature blend - a homage to the legendary journey that spread tea across the globe. Starting from China the birth nation of tea, jasmine infused white-tipped green tea and rosebuds lay the aromatic foundation. As we travel westward, the classic Ceylonese black tea from the Subcontinent offers notes of cacao for depth. The Middle East of course adds fragrance and flare with its breezy organic peppermint grown right by The Nile. The journey ends in Europe where droplets of Calabrian bergamot rounds the full balanced bouquet. Karavan is the world in perfect harmony.

Taste: floral, sweet citrus, cooling, balanced


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1tbs/5g 90


2:00 N/A

Alternate brew methods 

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