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Western Cape, South Africa 

Treated like tea but that’s where the similarities end.

Yes, this version is fully-oxidised like a red tea (producers can even elect to “kill green” to make a non-oxidised grassier brew just like a green tea). But the taste is so unique there is no comparison. After all, how many beverages are bright and earthy at the same time?

This mystifying red bush tisane has a hint of rosehip on the palate married with a drift of warmed clay pot on the nose. When served with milk or milk substitute, caramel flavours come to the fore reminiscent of a Thai red milk tea. Studies have examined the anti-inflammatory, anti-viral actions of this herb and such properties may be an added bonus of this drink. Some also herald it for the alertness of tea without the caffeine.

A South African native brew, get on it.

Taste: walnut, caramel, orange 

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Alternate brew methods 

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