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25 per 50g Eco-Refill/Caddy; 62 per 125g Pack
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Ingredients: Agrimony, sage, thyme, liquorice.
Origins: India, Albania, Egypt, Germany

This one’s for the entertainers. Whether you’re a pro on the mic moving the crowd or you’re belting it out at family karaoke night, Acapella was made to soothe your throat and strained vocal chords.

Active ingredients including agrimony, sage, thyme and liquorice root were chosen in concert for the presence of any anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have been conducted to examine how the tannins and essential oils within these ingredients may specifically work to target the throat area.

Giving a big presso? Wedding speech had ‘em rolling in the aisles? Prep up or ease your dulcet tones with Acapella.

Taste: cooling, sweet stevia, Italian spices
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1tbs/2g 90


5:00 Traditional Brewing
Brew 3g/250ml @ 100˚C for 7:00


Alternate brew methods 

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