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16 per 80g Eco-Refill/Caddy; 50 per 250g Pack
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Ingredients: gingseng, schisandra, ashwangandha, peppermint, tulsi, astragalus, maca, he shou wu, yerba mate, cinnamon
Origin: China, India, Egypt, Peru, Argentina
Up and at 'em the natural way. This one was made in mind for those that need a sustained energy boost to help them through the whole day. Unlike many caffeine-based energy drinks that may tax the adrenal glands, the large ginseng* component was chosen for its regard by some practices for supporting adrenal function and increasing bloodflow. Simultaneously, tests have been produced on tulsi's ability to sustain energy while improving muscle performance and recovery.
Endurance was a key goal for making this recipe - including, that which relates to aphrodisiac effects. To this end, the revered maca ingredient has been examined for its ability to increase both libido and sustained vitality.
Up, up, up and away!
*those with blood pressure conditions should seek medical advice before consuming ginseng
Taste: vanilla pods, fennel, ginseng


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Traditional Brewing
5g/250ml @ 100˚C for 5:00

Alternate brew methods 

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