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Origins: Australia, Croatia, Portugal, China
Ingredients: lemon myrtle, eucalyptus, liquorice, hyssop

Who knew help could be right here at home?

There's no better time to look inside ourselves, inside our nation to draw on the strength that's necessary.

Our native bush offers the helpful ingredients of eucalyptus and lemon myrtle to form the backbone for this blend. Further to antiviral and immunity supportive properties found in studies, these Aussie wonder herbs just so happens to be pleasant on flavour too, lending a refreshing mint zest on the palate.

Of course another key ingredient in this blend is hyssop - a herb which has traditionally been used for viral conditions and respiratory assistance. Liquorice root is also regarded in herbalism to sooth coughs and adds a sweetness to this timely blend.

Sources and further reading*

*Properties of related herbs found in studies: antiviral, immunostimulant, respiratory aid


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Traditional brewing
Brew 5g/250ml @ 100˚C for 5:00

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