Eucalyptus OG+ 80g

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Origin: Portugal

Like the bush in a cup.

As the first eucalyptus leaf fluttered onto a billycan on the boil, this perhaps began the Australian version of the Divine Farmer's discovery of tea.

The refreshing fragrance would've come flushing up; steamy vapours navigating through crevasses of bark, adding sweat beads to gumnuts and intermingling with the living scent of leaves that remain overhanging the campfire.

It'll transport you. And it might even strengthen the constitution as it is believed to have done for thousands of years amongst our indigenous culture.

Indeed by now, numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of the eucalpytus. Though much of the tests have focussed on the health effects of its famed oil extraction, in an infusion using only its simple dried leaves, effects may be milder but it becomes not only ingestible but pleasant on the palate.

*Properties of related herbs found in studies: antimicrobial, immunity support, expectorant
Taste: mint, citrus, lemon thyme


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Traditional brewing
Brew 4g/250ml @ 100˚C for 5:00


Alternate brew methods 

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