Lucky Yum Cha

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For a lot of us yum cha brings a nostalgia for boisterous good times and great variety eats. This Lucky Yum Cha bundle consists of three commonly treasured libations that best accompany steamed dumplings, pan fried turnip cakes to dan tarts.

In this bundle:

  • Iron Goddess 100g
  • Silver Jasmine 80g
  • Guk Bo 80g - **NEW & LIMITED EDITION** Made especially for this bundle, a yum cha classic for “reducing heat” and pairing with flavourful bites, this is our in-house blend of pu-erh, hei cha and bright chrysanthemum flowers. The post-fermented tea-base is believed to aid digestion and lower cholesterol while giving the blend its mellow earthy backdrop. Chrysanthemum on the other hand, adds floral notes for balance.