Gunpowder Green (Lo Chu Cha)

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绿珠味 (Lo Chu Cha)


Yuangsheng Estate, East Zhejiang, China

East Zhejiang Province is the birthplace of Lo Chu Cha (green pearl tea) which is known in the West as Gunpowder Green, so named after their pellet shape. Since it grew to prominence in the West in the 1800s replica versions were produced in British colonies, namely Sri Lanka but standards continue to vary.

Yuansheng Estate produces Gunpowder Green the original way. Green tea is rolled tightly, with shiny pellets showing off the essential oils carefully intact allowing it to have a fresh, vegetal and lightly tart taste.

Dry leaves: shiny green small to medium sized pellets
Liquor: yellowy-jade
Taste: vegetal, lightly sour, cut grass
Process: rolled and baked

Getting slammed in service? Brew this tea in a 3L batch


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