Darjeeling Seasonal OG+

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Orange Valley, Darjeeling, India

Orange Valley has really been knocking it out of the park in the 2019-20 seasons.

First they blew us away with their extra tippy first flush, then now the autumnals are coming in strong to reset standards that have been lost in the region in previous years.

This is what it’s about. The autumnal still plenty of green in this SFTGFOP1 grade. Not only is it visibly attractive, the afters are a real highlight. First you sip to get that characteristic dry, bright, muscatel but then as you put down your cup, a unique coating of warmed currants fills the palate. The afters is what you should – nay – must, chase for it competes with the best of pai mu dans, giving the Chinese a real run for their money this year.

Dry leaves: short and medium leaf, plenty of green tips
Liquor: light orange colour
Taste: muscatel, woody, bright, excellent juicy afters
Process: fully oxidised


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1tbs/6g 90




Alternate brew methods 

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