Darjeeling Seasonal OG+

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Kumai, Darjeeling, India      

Hailing from Snowview Tea Estate (Kumai) below the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas, this tea was picked during the dry autumn season. At this time, the Darjeeling ecosystem slows to ready itself for the winter cold. As the tea bushes prepare to go dormant during winter, their growth-rate slows, forcing a greater concentration of carbohydrates into the leaves and with it, an added sweetness to the cup.
Darker than the more renowned spring flush, this autumnal tea yields a richer cup, bold on the stone fruit nectar, malt and muscatel notes.

Dry leaves: short and medium leaf, mostly brown with amber flakes
Liquor: light orange colour
Taste: muscatel, woody, English spinach
Process: fully oxidised


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1tbs/6g 90