The China Scoop - Ming Qian 2022

8th Apr 2022

Ming Qian season - teaming with life and vibranceThough we can't travel, news does. So we got the goss from our local China runners on what's just happened this Ming Qian spring flush season. From Fuj … read more
HK Milk Tea

HK Milk Tea

25th Aug 2021

How to Make HK Milk TeaEquipment:2x large brewing vessels, something with spouts and can be placed on stovesA large strainer (HK milk tea ring and stocking ideal, if not a heat-resistant sieve with mu … read more

Tale of Two Counties

2nd Feb 2021

White teas primarily come from two Fujian counties - Fuding to the east and Zhenghe to the north.Last year when prices doubled due once again to unscrupulous speculators hoarding the supply, we had to … read more

New Immuno Range

3rd Apr 2020

It's wild out there and we're motivated to do what we can to help. After thoughtful consultation with Tjok Gde Kerthyasa of the world renowned holistic health practice Tirtausada, we've come up with … read more

Dirty Dozen Anniversary

19th Sep 2019

It was 12 years ago @tirtausada and I scrimped together $200 each from our crumby odd jobs and pooled it in a joint business starter account. He, a disgruntled, prematurely retrenched tea professional … read more