Xue Ya OG+

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Wuling Mountain, West Hunan, China

Tea terroir fanatics are going to love this as it hits all the classic markers - high altitude (1250m), check; spring pick, check; natural organic soil, definitely; cool misty nights and sunny moderate days? Dingdingdingding!

Snow sprout is often grown in Yunnan but our producers are quick to point out why the Hunanese and more specifically, the Wuling Mountain terroir is better suited. Aside from the above, they say the local xue ya subvarietal plant is more conducive to green tea production as leaf are smaller, younger and at this small window in the year (picked only between 10-14 April), abundant with furry downs. Leave the broad, mature leaf of the low latitude Yunnan assamica to pu-er manufacturing they say!

Ideal environmental attributes yield ideal leaf. Expect a very clean, refreshing bean sprout, watercress broth with a yin yang balance of sweet and savoury. 

Dry leaves: downy white twisted curls
Taste: bok choy, watercress, jasmine
Process: non-oxidised


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1tbs/3g 80 0:50 3:30

0:30 x1 infusion
0:20 x2 infusions