2010 Dark Tea - High Heavens "Tian Jian"

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13 per 80g Eco-Refill/Caddy; 41 per 250g Pack
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China Tea Hunan Anhua Factory, Dong Ping, Anhua, Hunan
This Tian Jian grade is the highest loose-leaf dark tea (xiang jian) grade currently offered by the CTHA Factory. To be considered for this grade, the tea prior to the fermenting process must consist of one bud and maximum three leaves per pluck and originally made as a spring-picked green. This ensures that even upon fermentation, a mellow, clean brightness maintains. After fermentation, it is dried over pine fire, lending a woody finish. The end result is a cooling, brisk, clean cup. Think Sheng Pu-Erh with a touch of Darjeeling. 
Dark (post fermented) teas from Hunan has a long history as a tribute tea and health tonic. Being a post-fermented (via microbial break-down) tea, many drink it for its heralded benefits of lowering cholesterol, dissolution of fats and general weight-loss. 
Drink this for taste, for health or gift it for a special person/occassion. Suited for collectors of aged teas, when stored correctly (dry, away from light, occasionally aired) the mouthfeel and flavour excels with time, becoming velvety and rounded.
Dry leaf: mid length leaf, dark brown 
Liquor: light amber colour
Taste: mellow, sheng pu-erh, muscatel, woody
Process: green tea process followed by pile fermentation, wood-fire finished
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1tbs/6g 90 rinse,
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