Water Fairy (Shui Xian)

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水仙 (Shui Xian)

Ming Yan Tea Co., Wuyishan, Fujian

This oolong is one of four main branches of rock teas found in Northern Fujian. Of particular note, this one is classified as a "Gao Cong" or "Tall Tree Type" meaning that it is picked from a well-established tea bush.

Grown from Wuyi’s mountainous and mineral rich rock (yan) soils, this Tall Tree Water Fairy oolong is favoured amongst locals for its depth of flavour and ability to withstand multiple infusions. Of note, it has a magical combination of some of the most treasured rock tea fragrances - it is at once woody, floral and fruity

Dry leaves: mid-length, twisted, light brown
Taste: orchid, cedar, apricot 
Process: repeated oxidising process - first sun-withered, room withered, repeated bruising and oxidising, pan-dried over fire, shaped, baked and light charcoal finish.


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