'Fu Bru Cru 3 months

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The ‘Fu Bru Cru is a monthly tea subscription service with a carefully curated tea sent straight to your door each month. Along with each tea, you will receive a tea description or recipe card and a free sample, all presentably wrapped and boxed suitable for gift-giving too.
Herbal Exotica includes colourful tisanes and blends from all across the globe. Here, ingredients are complex, ideal for those who prefer intricate flavours. To add further variety, this set also comes with instructions for using different brewing methods that result in changes in nuance. Truly for the playful and curious.
The Seasonal option showcases our favourite tea to drink at a particular time in the year. This selection coordinates what’s seasonally prized at the source country with the current climatic conditions here at home. Naturalists will be appeased.

Rare focuses on unique, limited edition teas best suited for gong fu style brewing. Each tea will be an exploration of terroir, processing techniques and tea history. Curated with the purist in mind.
Teas are posted on the first Tuesday of every month for 3 months. 

Purchase a brewing kit with your subscription and take your brewing to the next level.