Vintage Porcelain Cup and Saucer Set (x2)

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The classic 玲瓏 "linglong" blue and white fine china design traditionally reserved for dinnerware, rarely seen on handled cups and saucers. This is a unique vintage find, lovingly restored to their former glory. Price includes two sets (two cups, two saucers).

The design expresses the duality of humankind, wrapped in oneness. The outer borders of the cup and saucer are an intricate tessellated diamond and cross pattern while the inner bands adorn a minimalist chain of the Chinese character for “work” and a bat (homonym for ”fortune”) motif for luck. The centre-artwork, the tendered flowers of nature, represents the true beauty of life that emerges when we combine effort with the organic, the fruits of honest labour. In the right time of day, the translucent rice grain shapes scattered across the wares allow just enough light to pass through before dimming, a metaphor for our fleeting yet wondrous existence.

  • 2x cups
  • 2x saucers

Cup diameter: 9.3cm

Cup width including handle: 11.2cm

Cup volume: 150ml

Saucer diameter: 14cm