Non-surgical, Reusable Masks (x2 pcs/pack)- Esquel

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2x Non-Surgical Reusable Masks per pack

Adult size only. Discard after 30 washes per mask. Usage record card enclosed for your convenience.

Why we chose this: Comfort, reputable clothing producer, manufacturer's stated purpose.

The Esquel Group out of Hong Kong is a big name in the global fashion industry. Established since 1978, it boasts an impressive client roster of Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and Muji just to name a few. 

Part of its success may be due to their innovative strive for so many firsts. They pride themselves on being one of the only if not the only "vertically integrated" fashion companies in the world, meaning they do everything from growing their own cotton through to manufacturing and distribution. They also have a claim to the world's finest cotton yarn counts of up to 700.

Further to that, Esquel emphasises sustainability for the environment, community and its own people - which are said to be some of the main reasons why these masks were produced. Esquel wanted to alleviate environmental waste of disposables so they created these to first fill the needs of their staff. Then, between February and March 2020, Esquel states that they have manufactured close to 1 million and besides those given to colleagues, the rest were donated to communities they operate in. 

Since, they have been taking these mask orders by referral (we were lucky enough to have a contact!) and only just recently, produced a new line for sale to the public. 


These masks are for general purpose use only, they are not substitutes for surgical or medical masks. Protection in some circumstances including (but not limited to) in high-risk environments may be inadequate. Manufacturer advises to follow their instructions on mask usage and washing.


Information provided by Esquel (manufacturer)


  1. Outer layer: Woven cotton fabric coated with anti-bacterial and water repellent treatments
  2. Middle layer: Non-woven fabric to increase filtration ability
  3. Inner layer: Cotton-lycra jersey cotton fabric or light woven cotton fabric to improve wearing comfort


1. Use instructions(Click to watch

Before first use

  • Remove the pair of masks from the packing
  • Mark down the serial numbers of each mask
  • Wash before first use(see wash instructions)

Everyday use

  • Clean your hands before and after putting on or removing the mask.
  • Ensure the side with the QR code label faces outwards; secure the loops around both ears; mold the wire over nose bridge; extend the mask to fully cover nose, mouth and chin
  • Avoid touching the surfaces of the mask
  • If you have to take off your mask temporarily, clean your hands first, and then fold the mask outwards and stow it inside a new and clean envelop or a piece of tissue. Remember to discard the used envelop or tissue properly.
  • Wash the mask after each day of use; allow to dry completely
  • Record usage; discard the mask after 30 washes
  • For personal use only; do not share one mask
  • Stop using the mask if it is visibly damaged, soiled or has odor
  • Stop using the mask if there are any symptoms of an allergic reaction

2. Wash instructions(Click to watch

  • Wash separately
  • Gentle hand wash: soak in lukewarm water (up to 40°C) for 30 minutes with gentle detergent or soap
  • Rinse with clean water; do not rub, brush or wring
  • Do not use antiseptic detergents or bleach; do not dry clean
  • Drip dry; do not tumble dry
  • May iron at low temperature for optimal water-repellent effect

Product of China

DisclaimerIn no event shall 19SeventySeven Pty Ltd or the manufacturer be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of the masks.