Red Rose Buds

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Gansui Kushui Rose Manufacture, Gansu Province, Yongdeng, Kushui Town

**Pesticide Free**

From the “Land of Roses” Yongdeng County is where the majority of prized Chinese roses are grown.

There is both art and science when it comes to harvesting these precious Kushui roses for tea/tisane making. Yes, you want the bulbs to be new growth. Plucked a little too early however, though pretty and uniform once dried, the bulbs are too small and hard for producing infusions.

So the expert producers at GKRM harvest the roses right when they begin to blossom - this allows for the petals to be soft enough to impart flavour and aromatics but not too delicate such that they break apart too easy.

Traditionally used in Chinese medicine, recent studies have backed the flower’s strong anti-oxidant content. Read about studies into Kushui rose’s ability to combat human cancers.

Use straight and infuse in hot water as a soothing tonic or add a few bulbs to black, white or green tea for an added hit of fragrance and anti-oxidants.


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