Matcha - Ceremonial Grade 30g

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抹茶 (Matcha)


Ujitawara, Kyoto, Japan

Ceremonial matcha is graded by a combination of plucking method and season.

Ceremonial grade matcha primarily contains first flush (first spring harvest) leaves and are hand picked, scissor cut or a combination of both. This matcha sits in the middle of the ceremonial grades. It is a blend of two harvests (first and second flush) and is harvested by scissor cutting.

This may suit those wanting to delve into the intricacies of ceremonial grade matcha for the first time. Even for the novice, when compared to a standard drinking grade matcha, there is a noticeable reduction of marine qualities and in its place, a hint of vanilla sweetness. This marks the beginning of the ascension towards what true matcha has to offer.

Appearance: fine, bright green powder
Liquor: deep green
Taste: sugar snap peas, springwater, custard apple
Process: shade-grown, non-oxidised, steamed, lightly fired, stone-ground

*NB: Keep airtight and store in freezer to maintain freshness

Sieve 0.8g of matcha through to a drinking bowl. Add 100ml of water at 70C. Using a bamboo whisk to dissolve the matcha in the water, using a fast yet steady "M" shaped hand-movement until beverage is lightly frothed. Serve with sweets.