Chai Strainer

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Baristas making chai in milk jugs or those after maximum flavour by brewing chai loosely without a basket – you’ll need something to strain through once your master concoction is ready. We’ve got the accoutrement for you, one  with an easy, long ergonomic handle and gold plated for extra swagger.

With flavour in mind, the medium-fine mesh was specifically chosen to allow fine ground spices to pass through while sieving out the whole spices for a full-body yet smooth drinking experience.

The deep conical shape is also purposely chosen to reduce the chances of overspills during straining. For chai drinkers that are a little extra (and my word, there’s plenty of them) the cone mesh also allows for some last moment immersions directly  in the cup before serving.

Diameter: 85mm
Cone depth: 40mm
Total length: 215mm

Gold-plated stainless steel. Hand-wash only.