Falling out of Flavour

Posted by Arthur Tong on 16th May 2018

Don’t get caught up in the mindless purchase of famous teas, taste firstOnce upon a time there were the classics. These teas were held in high esteem over many centuries, their reputation preceding th … read more

Who's Cookin'? #hellopuerhmyoldfriend

Posted by Arthur Tong on 29th Sep 2017

This one's a segue between tasting sheng (raw) and busting out the shou (ripe) pu-erhs on next post.Before we taste more pu-erhs, we thought we'd cut through some of the distracting noise about who ma … read more

Your First Dip #hellopuerhmyoldfriend

Posted by Arthur Tong on 25th Aug 2017

Ay, so you’re ready for a taste?Let’s start with the original yet ironically, the less familiar. Let’s go with a compressed sheng or “raw” pu-erh.You may recall from the last post that the now popular … read more

The New Beginning #hellopuerhmyoldfriend

Posted by Arthur Tong on 14th Jul 2017

Just a couple years into Tea Craft, we began dipping our toe into the deepest ocean of them all - the murky yet ethereal vastness that is pu-erh.But for us, there was no heroic plunge into a "never lo … read more

Sencha Semantics

Posted by Arthur Tong on 27th Mar 2017

You may have noticed we’ve been debunking some common tea misunderstandings and here’s another one. No time more apt than after young Bridget’s recent return from Kyoto.Though the original “jian cha” … read more