Here comes the Chois

8th Jul 2019

Bohyang FamFifth-gen tea custodian Junyong Choi (centre right, dark blue) is the new wave.He spearheads the movement of Korean tea culture back to being organic, quality-focussed and export ready. … read more

Falling out of Flavour

Posted by Arthur Tong on 16th May 2018

Don’t get caught up in the mindless purchase of famous teas, taste firstOnce upon a time there were the classics. These teas were held in high esteem over many centuries, their reputation preceding th … read more

Who's Cookin'? #hellopuerhmyoldfriend

Posted by Arthur Tong on 29th Sep 2017

This one's a segue between tasting sheng (raw) and busting out the shou (ripe) pu-erhs on next post.Before we taste more pu-erhs, we thought we'd cut through some of the distracting noise about who ma … read more

Your First Dip #hellopuerhmyoldfriend

Posted by Arthur Tong on 25th Aug 2017

Ay, so you’re ready for a taste?Let’s start with the original yet ironically, the less familiar. Let’s go with a compressed sheng or “raw” pu-erh.You may recall from the last post that the now popular … read more

The New Beginning #hellopuerhmyoldfriend

Posted by Arthur Tong on 14th Jul 2017

Just a couple years into Tea Craft, we began dipping our toe into the deepest ocean of them all - the murky yet ethereal vastness that is pu-erh.But for us, there was no heroic plunge into a "never lo … read more