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煎茶 - 高山 (Sencha - Taka Yama)


Minami Yamashiro-Mura, Airaku-Fun, Kyoto, Japan
Minami Yamashiro Agricultural Association (MYAA)

In the village of Minami Yamashiro, growers make the most of what nature has to offer. Plantations hovering above 600m altitude receive abundant sunshine in the daytime yet experience severe temperature drops in the evening. Such conditions restrict the leaves’ metabolic growth rate while intensifying polyphenols and minerals. So while yield size is limited, what results is a flavour-dense and nutrient-rich cup.

Further to this geography is the red clay, packed with minerals that these high altitude plantations enjoy. Once upon a time, this area was the floor of Biwa Lake. Now what was once the feeding ground of a rich marine ecosystem has been pushed to the peaks of the mountains. All the while, the soil types of plantations in lower altitudes and valleys within the region compose largely of white sand and do not share the same fortitude as their high-altitude neighbours.  

Three local farmers are responsible for this tea. Katsuhiko Taniguchi, Shingo Nakahigash and Nanbu Kyodo contribute their rare and prized leaves to the MYAA for the co-op’s production expertise. There, the production hands sort, steam, roll, cut, dry and pack these leaves with professional aplomb befitting a tea of this standard.

Dry leaves: uniform long dark green straight fine cuts with bright lime flecks
Liquor: bright jade colour
Taste: vegetal, fresh sea-water, hints of nori
Process: non-oxidised, steamed then lightly fired


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