Fujian Red (Fujian Hong)

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福建红茶 (Fujian Hong)

Mingzhu Tea Gardens, Wuyishan, Fujian, China      

From the same team who gave us our previous Lapsang Souchong, this Fujian Red, unlike its cousin, remains unsmoked and offers a caramel, biscuity and malty liquor. Note this is a limited edition late crop, when supply depletes, only the heavens can tell whether similar conditions will be replicated to reproduce this offering. It has been a highly regarded season, the tea has a notably sweeter and more refined finish than many of its predecessors.

Dry leaves: dark, medium length, wirey
Taste: notes of vanilla, butterscotch and malt
Process: fully oxidised

Feeling the heat? Try this tea cold brewed or warm up with a Fujian Red Latte


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1tbs/7g 90



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