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Lion Peak, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

A real Lion Peak Dragon Well tea is near impossible to guarantee unless you procure direct from the hands that grow it. So that’s what we did, in person, no middlemen.

This is perhaps our most prized score in the history of Tea Craft. Dragon Well of this quality and authenticity are usually reserved for officials.  Moreover, even though Lion Peak is considered to pertain best terroir for Dragon Well production, many of the farms there have now been bought by large companies. Naturally without proprietary interest, the farmers’ incentive to produce quality under this arrangement is minmised. But the Wangs did not sellout. Read more...

Dry leaves: yellow and light green, rounded yet petite, bud and one leaf
Liquor: light yellow colour
Taste: baby corn, macadamia, kangkung
Process: withered, shaped, wok-fired

Abundance of buds means this tea can take heat much like white teas and unlike most green teas. In fact, we suggest brewing it “farmer style”, 1tbs of leaf straight into a cup, 200-250ml water just off the boil. If sharing, strain first infusion after 20 seconds, second infusion after 30 seconds. If indulging on one’s own (recommended!), simply push the leaves back with a gaiwan lid as you sip and enjoy the changing of flavour as you steep and sip.

We’re deliberately not being as prescriptive with our brewing guidelines on this tea as we are with others.  This better reflects the brewing style of the locals and exemplifies the nature of good tea – that in some cases irrespective of parameter variance, tea has a wide window of tolerance and a special tea such as this can stand up to whatever condition it is brewed.