2007 Shou Pu-Erh Kunming Zhuan Cha 250g

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Approx. no. serves:
25-31 per 250g brick


Kunming Tea Factory, Wa Shan, Yunnan, China

This 2007 shou pu-erh is produced using Kunming's classic 1975 recipe. Kunming is renowned for being one of two originators of the shou (ripe) pu-erh production method. In fact, this 1975 recipe was their first major breakthrough after two years of technique refinement from their 1973 debut. As a result of perfecting the wet-piling timing and turning, this recipe offers a balanced shittake kombu feel with a hint of ripened grape. Pressed in 250g brick.

Dry leaf: dark brown curled leaves with golden buds present
Taste: shittake mushroom, aged red wine 
Process: pan-fired, sun-dried, rolled, post fermented, compressed
Storage: Break up the brick in pieces and keep in a clay caddy. Clay pores and occasional opening introduces the right amount of oxygen that help the tea develop character over time.

1. Pre-heat a 150ml Yixing (clay) pot with boiling water
2. Add 8-10g of tea and rinse the leaves for up to 10 seconds
3. Brew using 90-100C water for 20-30 seconds
4. Can be infused >8 times

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