Easy on the Matcha Hype

Posted by Arthur Tong on 16th Mar 2017

Let us offer another reminder about what really goes on in matcha which we began discussing about a year ago.Last year was a big year for this much misunderstood and misrepresented drink, and the ferv … read more

The Perversion of Season

Posted by Arthur Tong on 6th Feb 2017

It’s a confusing time for tea. We’re not quite sure what to do with ourselves. Not only are we experiencing sweltering heat on this side of the world, over yonder in tea-country, not too much tends to … read more

#GongfuLife: Closer than You Imagined

Posted by Arthur Tong on 18th Nov 2016

You search far and wide but sometimes, you’ve got to remember to check back in. Like when you shuffle-step back to avoid a side-kick. Yes the evasion step is used to establish your own space but you … read more

The Shesh

Posted by Arthur Tong on 16th Jul 2016

A swirl became a ripple and that ripple ran deepMany thoughts were shared over multiple steepsBeneath a rider's feeta piece of art I'll keepA treasure from your past so in my heart you'll beatThen a n … read more

#GongfuLiving: No Way as Way

Posted by Arthur Tong on 14th Jun 2016

The grin on my face grew as I poured, as if an invisible pulley was rigged from the teapot spout to the corners of my mouth.Moments prior, I watched Jose* from afar as he made this tea. The pot was fi … read more