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Batch Brewing

As a starting point, refer to our Brew Guide for making 300ml tea. Use the same:

  1. Water temp
  2. Tea to water ratio (e.g. if 5g is required for 300ml, use 50g for 3L)
  3. Then start with using the same brew times, but taste test first – on large batches, some teas need longer times than in small teapots

Brew in a soup pot, once you’re happy with the strength, strain through a large strainer or muslin cloth, decant into the electric urn and keep the urn at the same temperature as you’ve brewed the tea.

Here are some 3L recipes for a few teas we’ve batched.

Golden Peony Batch Brew:
Weight: 40g Temperature: 90C Time: 4 minutes

Gunpowder Green Batch Brew:
Weight: 70g Temperature: 80C Time: 3:30 minutes

Assam Orthodox Leaf (for milk) Batch Brew:
Weight: 60g Temperature: 90C Time: 8 minutes

Digestif Batch Brew: 
Weight: 20g Temperature: 90C Time: 3:45 minutes

Warm Spice Batch Brew: 
Weight: 30g Temperature: 90C Time: 3:00

Core Batch Brew: 
Weight: 60g Temperature: 90C Time: 4:00


Batch brewing is a great way to brew takeaway tea, watch our video to learn more