Yunnan Red (Dian Hong)

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滇红 (Dian Hong)


Dianhong Farms, Fengqing, Yunnan, China

This red tea is a high-grown offering from Fengqing District, Yunnan. Situated on the high rural mountain sides at above 3000m elevation, the Dianhong Farms specialise in making this fully-oxidised tea. Rich, malty flavour with notes of spice, orange and chocolate, this is a complex and dynamic beverage. On a stronger steep, it makes for a bright, punchy wake-up cup. 

The farms here as with much of rural China throughout Yunnan organize their tea production in co-operatives and share drying, rolling and oxidising facilities. This makes their single origin offerings consistent across the several Dianhong Farms.

Dry leaves: medium length, brown with orange streaks
Taste: malty flavour with hints of spiced fruits and chocolate
Process: Fully oxidised


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1tbs/5g 90



0:15 x 4

Alternate brew methods 

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