Red Mystic (Mojiang Hong) OG+

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红色神秘 (Mojiang Hong)


Mojiang District, Pu-Erh City, Yunnan, China    

Red Mystic is grown mainly from the Mao family farm but also in neighbouring plots within the village. After the tea is plucked, it is taken to the local Mojiang District tea production facility for processing i.e. withering, rolling, oxidisation and drying. This is a true co-operative at work where the tea may have started from one farm but due to demand, the cultivar is shared with others. Consistency is then maintained by using the one production facility in the community.

The farms here are on high elevations of approximately 1680m+ sea level elevation. The elevation provides a cooler weather and plants tend to grow slower but yield a brighter, more developed and balanced cup.

The Red Mystic is what the Chinese term a "tree" tea versus a bush. "Tree" teas have a pronounced main trunk, they are usually hardier and are more established than bushes. "Trees" usually offer more intricate brews; that's why Madame Mao's vision is to keep the leaf full sized so none of the notes are lost.

Dry leaves: long, wiry leaves, brown with yellow and amber streaks
Taste: molasses and sweet malt 
Process: fully oxidised


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1tbs/4g 90



0:15 x 4

Alternate brew methods 

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