Purple Leaf

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紫芽紅烏龍 (Purple Leaf) 


Mingjian Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

This one is for the rare tea hunters. Purple Leaf refers to the colour of the young shoots found on this unique plant indigenous to Taiwan. You heard right, this is not a Chinese varietal or even species, this is a camellia formosensis.

It was only in the last decade since this tea was officially identified and accepted as a unique tea species and it deserves its rightful respect. Not many tea gardens grow this leaf as yields are not as high and renown isn’t yet fever-pitch. However this only adds to the intrigue.

Producers have opted for a fully oxidised process, believing that it brings out the most sweetness. What results is a clever nod to sweet malty reds from its Fujian neighbours but with a young grape tang and a sprinkling of nutmeg floating over the top. Wildly complex offering a full bouquet.

Dry leaves: small dark clusters
Liquor: amber
Taste: malt, barley, muscatel, nutmeg
Process: fully-oxidised but “Taiwanese oolong shaped”


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