Gaiwan Set - Immortal Clouds

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The brief was simple enough you would think. A traditional 125ml, easy to handle, light colour porcelain. No funny business with the shape or pattern, something classy and subtle, nothing gaudy.

Yet for more than 12 months I ended up backhanding samples like I was training for Wimbledon. Cheap ceramic shrapnel remain lodged in our cinder block walls, my hand still scarred from the shards.

Then one day, a vision appeared before me. I was floating, I saw clouds swirling about, at first with ferocity but then tapering out into nothingness. They left as quickly as they came, making way for a clear blue sky.

And so this gaiwan set materialised, its pale blue hue like the skies of my dreams, its aesthetic cloud patterns with their puffy torsos and elegant tails debossed on the body, lid and cups forever etched like the memory in my mind.


  • 1x gaiwan (id, bowl and plate)
  • 2x gongfu cups.

Special features:

  • Cloud pattern debossed (not painted) on glazed porcelain 
  • Matching cups
  • Very light blue hue so as not to interfere with tea colour 
  • Standard 125ml gaiwan size and weight to enable ease of handling.


Gaiwan - Top bowl diameter: 95-100mm, Plate diameter: 100-105mm. Volume: 125ml allowing for tea leaves.

Cups - 25ml each.