Compact Brew Kit

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Ideal for those who want to brew tea well but don't have space for all the accoutrements. Have a quiet cup on your own or share with a friend and once you're done, stow it all away neatly and in style. Suits the home minimalist, the office worker, the traveler or the picnicker. 
  • A tea brewer, x2 cups, tea towel stowed in a designer carry-case
  • Curved bamboo sleeve on brewer to protect hands from heat
  • Tapered spout for good control of starting and stopping pours
  • Porcelain infuser to maximise taste purity
  • Compact zip-case (front view: just 15x13cm) with custom foam moulding for protection
  • Pitcher capacity of 150ml, similar to typical gaiwans for a real gongfu flash brewing experience 
Brewing Instructions:
  • Remove the lid, place it overturned. Set cups aside.
  • Leaving the porcelain infuser inside the glass pitcher, place loose leaf tea into the infuser.
  • Fill pitcher with hot water until it reaches the top of the infuser, submerging the leaves.
  • Once tea is brewed, lift the infuser out and place it on the upturned lid, saving for later infusions.
  • Now watch the elegant narrow tea stream as you pour from the glass pitcher into the cups.