2005 Ye Sheng "Wild Grown" Ping Cha 330g -

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Taimu Mountain, Ningde, Fujian, China


Within this UNESCO World Geopark site, local communities work within sustainability guidelines to best use and preserve its natural resources. Surrounding the beautiful granite peaks unique to Taimu Mountains are ancient, wild grown tea trees to which the raw bai mu dan material are harvested, dried and pressed into this tea cake. Upon unveiling, the leaves are unmistakably native to Taimu, specifically from aged wild trees with its distinctively full size, bearing the array of autumn. On the palate it is viscous and velvety with a unique combination of ripened green grape and lotus root. A rare and treasured find.

Note that it is possible to “cook” the tea leaves for latter infusions. See below.

Dry leaf: a balanced mix of green and darker leaf with buds present.
Taste: lotus, autumn leaves, grape
Process: sun-withered, sun-dried, compressed
Storage: Keep in dry, cool, dim place. Once opened, transfer to clay caddies.

1. Warm a 125ml gai wan with water just off the boil
2. Add 8-10g of tea and rinse the leaves 
3. Brew using 90C water for 15 seconds
4. Infuse 4 times
5. After fourth gai wan infusion, you can do subsequent infusions using the “cooking” method. Bring 300ml water in a saucepan to a simmer and add used leaves. Bring that to a rolling boil for 1 minute. Strain and serve.