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Green Tea Stands Out in Mineral Screening

Green teas in particular measures well in several beneficial minerals. Six teas were screened for beneficial minerals (3 greens, 1 white, 2 oolongs/semi-oxidised).

Green teas like sencha and gunpowder green contribute significantly to daily adequate intake or recommended dietary intake levels of manganese.

Manganese helps the body with forming connective tissue, blood clotting and development of sex hormones. It is an element necessary for brain and nerve function.

On a per litre basis, tea can also provide about a third of the estimated mean dietary intake of silicon, an element that promotes tissue strength.

   Dietary Reference Intake


 Gunpowder  Green

 Average  of Teas  Tested


 5.5mg (adequate intake) for men*
 5mg (adequate intake) for women*

 2.48  2.06  1.45

 No recommended daily intake established, but estimated daily intakes are 12.1-13.5mg for men and 9.9-10.2 mg for women** 

 3.9  3.9  3.8

* Australian Government National Health & Medical Research Council
** The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition