#GongfuLiving: No Way as Way

Posted by Arthur Tong on 14th Jun 2016

The grin on my face grew as I poured, as if an invisible pulley was rigged from the teapot spout to the corners of my mouth.Moments prior, I watched Jose* from afar as he made this tea. The pot was fi … read more

The King and I

Posted by Arthur Tong on 16th May 2016

2014 – t’was a good year, a very good year – so I had thought.Reviewing our stock shelves one day,several divvied up small bags of 2014 King Peony caught my eye. It triggered a feint memory, a hint o … read more

#Gongfu Living: Upstairs, downstairs

Posted by Arthur Tong on 9th May 2016

Now we’ve spoken about bridging the gap before – to close distance so that you are within reach of your intended target, sometimes by advancing, sometimes by baiting. There’s often a logical sequence … read more