Yunnan Red OG+ (Dian Hong)

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滇红 (Dian Hong)


“The Wu” EU and NOP Certified Organic Tea Garden, Menghai,  Yunnan, China

Many other producers whether in Yunnan or elsewhere leave red teas until end of spring or next winter, reserving the “Yu Qian” (before the spring rain) period for greens and whites. But not for this grade of Dian Hong. You see, this is the “Jin Hao” version or the golden fur style so they want those tender spring tea shoots covered with downy hairs which offers a sweeter, more velvety mouth feel.

It’s also from a special cultivar, the native Changye Bai Hao species, highly prized amongst the Yunnan big leaf family.

For these reasons we had to do a switch up this season of our usual Yunnan Red source (although technically this new one should be considered a Yunnan Gold, but it’s still a red tea).

Not to mention that it’s grown on a picturesque, eco-balanced organic high altitude (1600m) plantation. Try this Dian Hong lux-style.

Dry leaves: medium-long, brown very tippy golden downs
Taste: like a molasses blanket for your mouth, however that translates to you
Process: fully oxidised


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1tbs/5g 90



0:15 x 4

Alternate brew methods 

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