Wushe Mountain Winter Oolong (Wushan Dong Oolong) OG+

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烏山冬烏龍 (Wushan Dong Oolong)


Wushe Mountain, Nantou County, Taiwan


From the same sub-varietal (QinXin) of the famed Dong Ding and Lishan, comes Wushe mountain’s very own winter harvest oolong. 

Much like the Dong Ding, this tea is grown on high elevation of 1500m, and together with the winter chills causes growth to be concentrated. Whilst flavour is distinct, it still yields a light and crisp cup. Notable difference in flavour from its more renowned kindred is a hint of cassia bark. Together with the orchid and frangipani aromas to which a lightly oxidised Qin Xin cultivar is recognised for, this ever so slight touch of spice makes for an eclectic and cozy combination, made for the cooler weather.

Dry leaves: green and yellow clusters
Liquor: light yellow colour
Taste: orchids, jasmine, cinnamon
Process: withered, bruised, lightly oxidised, formed and baked


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