White Peony (Pai Mu Dan) - Wild Crafted OG+ 50g

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白牡丹 (Pai Mu Dan)


Wu Jiang Co., Fuding, Fujian, China

It doesn’t get much more true to tea than this.

Foraged from established (10+ years) tea trees in the forests of Fuding, this tea is difficult to come by. Only experienced hands know the location of these uncultivated tea trees and only they know the right time and the right method of picking them.

At this grade, there is only a short window each year that these can be picked. Pre-Ching Ming season, these must be picked on the first flush of spring. The pickers for this grade of tea pride themselves on high quality but low quantity output. Each pick must include the first bud and two baby leaves - the baby leaves accompanying the bud must be what the pickers called “horse hoofs”, so young that the shape of the leaves are more like shells prior to flattening out on maturity.

Compared to white peony grown in gardens, this wild crafted version is noticeably sweeter and can last over many infusions. There are several reasons for this. First, they are picked young and first flush only, from an established tree that has been well rooted into the soil to absorb nutrients. Then the processing is done very simply but patiently by laying very thin layers in the open sun.

This tea has allowed nature to do nearly all the work with minimal intervention. It is teaism in living practice.

Dry leaves: young light yellow buds with both baby yellow leaves and bright green leaves 
Taste: sweet tie guan yin, lychee, nashi
Process: organically grown in the wild, withered and sun dried only


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