2018 Tteok Cha OG+ 4g coin

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떡차 (tteok cha) 

Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

This is an ancient and nearly lost tea craft, largely unknown among contemporary Korean communities. Tteok cha is named after the traditional rice cakes that are processed in the same manner. Please refer to our chart to see how they’re made.

Now let’s talk the important stuff, the taste. Please follow the specific brewing instructions otherwise you will rob yourself of its delectable flavours. After you’ve toasted the tea coin, drop it in a rolling boil and keep it bubbling for a few hours. Ttoek cha is meant to be had with company. Upon your guests’ arrival strain the brew into their cups, and allow the aroma of fairy floss and lychees to flood the room, pulling one and all into its allure.

It’s a social tea, so keep topping up your boil as you talk and laugh about all that is good and bad in our world. It will keep on giving, it will last the entire day so strap in for a long encounter.

Profile: lychee, walnut, oak
Processing: wok fired, ground, pounded into coin shape, aged
Storage: open pouch, thread tea coin and hang in a well ventilated room. Exposure to oxygen will help age the tea and develop depths of flavour over time.

1. Using suitable tongs/chopsticks, lightly roast the tea coin over flame or hot coals for 30sec-1min until slightly browned and a toasty aroma emits.
2. Using a stovetop pot or kettle, keep 500ml of water on a rolling boil. Place tea coin in and boil for at least 30 minutes.
3. Carefully pour or ladle to serve. Designed to be enjoyed over many hours. Continually top up the water and keep tea on a low boil.