Tasters' Cup and Saucer (100ml)

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On Tjok’s early sabbatical in the Balinese jungle to learn more about herbs, tea and life, it was there that he also dreamt of making the ideal tea cup and saucer.
He followed that dream, scribbling ferociously pages upon pages of draft designs until he came up with what we see here before us.
He took that design to the local hand potters and the rest is history.
This size and shape of cup was intended for master tea tasting, for the discerning palate who needed to discriminate between samples from competing estates. Thin enough lip so as to allow for aeration, petite enough so as to not overwhelm the belly. The unique slanted curvature was design for ergonomics while holding and sipping.
When used in service or in private, its use extends beyond tea sampling but also for enjoying multiple cups without fear of losing heat quickly - a generously proportioned saucer allows the cup to remain sturdy in the plates groove while allowing placement of tea-paired small eats.
Cup: 100ml
Saucer: 125mm diameter