Silver Tip Green (Yunnan Yinzhen Lo Cha)

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云南银针绿茶 (Yunnan Yinzhen Lu Cha) 
Mojiang District, Pu-Erh City, Yunnan, China    
Abundance of silvery downy buds, this green tea from Yunnan is a break from the well-trodden path of Mojiang reds. In many ways it is a hybrid of white and green tea, both visually and on taste. There is an obvious “youthfulness” on brew, a mellow yet quickly detectable green note akin to an early morning’s gai lan harvest- just as the sickle makes first contact with the plant to remove it from its root. As with some silver needles that have been refrigerated straight after production, this has the flexibility of standing up against higher temps on a short brew as well as lower temps at lengthier steeps.
It's an intriguing leaf, appreciated by the thinker. 
Dry leaves: long, wiry leaves, green with white downy furs
Liquor: light yellow brew, steamed greens, warmed bread, gai lan
Process: non-oxidised


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