Instant Noodles Shin Ramyun 120g x 5pk – Nongshim

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Why we chose this: the cult classic we know and love.

The noodles have body and the soup has fire. The size is just right not only as a snack but as a meal. These are some factors why this Nongshim classic has perhaps the most tricked out, pimped out recipes known to instant noodle infamy.

: the noodle has bounce even when slightly overcooked. The soup powder mix of course has plenty of heat, it will bring sweat to your brow. It also comes with its iconic dried vegetable flake pack, which adds further texture and a little herbaceous touch.

: Yep, we’re stepping away from manufacturer’s instructions for this one. There is no greater crime in instant noodle making than NOT rinsing and discarding the initial prep water. Surprisingly, not many people do it, and even fewer advocate it. But @asianstaples, we can’t stress it enough. You wanna get rid of that processing oil. So:

  1. Place noodle cake in rolling boil for 2.5 min, ensuring noodles are fully submerged. Agitate the noodles with long chopsticks so that noodles loosen as it cooks, taking care you keep your hand safe from hot steam, water and receptacle.
  2. DRAIN. DISCARD that yellow, greasy water - DO NOT use that to make your soup with.
  3. Rinse noodles with cold water using a mesh ladle or colander...The next steps depend on what you want to do with it. If you want dry mix, stir fry or some other less conventional ways of eating these noodles, be our guest, there’s plenty of crazy YouTube options. But for the classic instant noodle soup:
  4. Add soup powder to desired amount into bowl. Add the dried vegetable from the little sachet. Fill with boiled water simply from a kettle and stir.
  5. Pop your noodles in the soup.
  6. Add simple garnishes like a fried egg, fresh spring onions, fried shallots, nori, cooked shiitake.

Uses: Have it as a snack, use it as a base for a meal. Loaded Shin Ramyun is a common practice, garnish to your heart’s content with eggs, shiitake, nori, spring onions, fried shallots, vegetables, kimchi. Different preparations and uses for Shin Ramyun has been taken to a whole artform unto itself, far be it for us to try and capture the endless styles out there. But to give you some idea, many recipes abound for using it in stir fries, dry mixed noodle, hotpots, pasta - yes, adding cheese is a thing these days too.

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Noodle: Wheat flour, starches (potato, wheat), vegetable oil (contains antioxidant (307B)), salt, mineral salts (501, 500, 452, 339), emulsifier (322, (soy)), soy sauce, green tea extract.
Soup powder: Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (soy, corn), salt, maltodextrin, yeast extract, soy sauce, spices, sugar, fructose, sweetener (420), flavour enhancers (627, 621, 631), soybean, wheat flour, vegetable oils (contains soy), thickener (414), corn flour, glucose, vegetables, emulsifier (322, soy).
Flakes: Dried vegetables, soybean, soy sauce, wheat gluten, yeast extract, sugar, salt, cocoa, corn starch, vegetable oil (soy).

Packaging: Plastic outer wrapping, each of the five individual wrapped inside.

Storage instructions: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Allergens: Wheat & soy. Prepared at a facility that also processes crustacean, eggs, fish, milk, peanuts and sesame seeds. 

Product of Korea

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