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Why we chose this: easy sprinkle, spicy but not too spicy, and it's organic

Once red chillies are dehydrated in the hot South Indian sun, they are baked and crushed for our convenient kitchen usage. It's skin, seeds and all. Great for when the fresh ones aren't available and you just need that quick dash of heat for your tastebuds.

Taste: Medium heat, bellpepper flavour.

Uses: Sprinkle over any savoury dish of your choice. When preparing a pan or wok fry dish, can be heated up first along with your aromatics to release the necessary oils allowing for a better infusion of flavour into your main ingredients.

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Ingredients: Dry chilli flakes.

Packaging: Ziplock heat-sealed small Kraft pouch.

Storage instructions: Store in a cool dry place. 

Product of India.