Pho Spices (whole) 25g

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Why we chose this: We made this blend ourselves on a request from @tracyintransit – thank you for the inspiration!

This whole spice pack is enough spices for making a large pot of stock for approx. 10 serves or around 6L of final stock (allowing for reduction loss). If you’re intending to make less stock, simply ration out proportionately, making sure to include the whole variety of spices per portion.

Taste: All the aromatics that you want out of a bowl of pho, aniseed-like feels overlaid with warming cinnamon and pepper tones.

Preparation: When making stock, add spices at the appropriate juncture after cooking down other initial  ingredients (often bones, root vegetables, herbs etc) by either:

  • Placing entire contents  in a muslin filter or;
  • Directly into pot and filter through a sieve once ready.

Uses: Primarily for Vietnamese pho broth but can be combined with other ingredients to use for Thai boat noodle broth.

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Ingredients: Fennel seeds, cloves, star anise, cinnamon, black peppercorns, liqourice, cardamom pods.

Packaging: Ziplock heat-sealed small Kraft pouch.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.