Old Tree Yunnan

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Natural Farming Tea Garden, Bai Ying Shan, West Yunnan, China

“It’s old-ish” says our man J from The Wu. “Around 90 years old, but of course there are much older trees nearby of several hundred years to thousands.” 

“The trouble is though, those old -  those ancient - trees are now over-plucked and over-tendered. Their character is depleting and is better recovered by more rigorous production styles like pu-er manufacturing.”

And with that, we sip his old but not too old red. Sonuva... The Wu indeed knows the lay of the land, this production is smooth, velvety, sweet, sweet scotch. You’d easily mistaken it for one of those heritage trees you may have once known and loved but without the price tag. Respect his insights, enjoy his outcomes.

Dry leaves: tiwsted, brown with amber streaks
Taste: shortbread, mixed peel, malt
Process: fully oxidized


weight-.jpg temp.jpg express-steeper.jpg cast-iron-teapot.jpg gai-wan.jpg
1tbs/4g 90 0:45 3:30

0:20 x4 infusions